Facebook Live Ads still demand engaging content

Facebook Live Ads still demand engaging content

With 75% of all mobile data in the world expected to be mobile video in 2020, Facebook is testing advertising inside its live broadcasting system, and is planning to grow the number of ads served this year. Global technology and telecom strategy director Jane Schachtel revealed that Facebook Live is testing short ad breaks and explained that for brands it is an opportunity to go live and have an ad inside their own Facebook […] story

Schachtel noted that in today’s world, launching a new product is often about placing bets on what kind of technology people will use and how to figure out where brands will be going.

“A few years ago, people were saying: “A picture or it didn’t happen’, she said. “Today, they are saying: ‘A video or it didn’t happen’. People have the ability to capture special live moments. In the case of Facebook, people are showcasing or debuting new products with either 360 or Facebook Live – they can be shared in immediate and immersive ways.”

Since 2015, Facebook has been testing different ways for marketers and publishers to get a lot out of video. In testing facebook live ads, and expanding them into Facebook Live and video, it is clearly an opportunity to go live and have an ad inside their own Facebook story: a move that could encourage content creators to consider leaving platforms like YouTube.

Ad revenues are split 45/55 with publishers, the same rate provided by YouTube, according to an earlier report in Recode. It added that the ads can appear after 20 seconds in videos lasting a minimum of 90 seconds.

Of note is the fact that currently Facebook is only allowing facebook live ads to appear once a user clicks on the video. This approach sends a clear message to publishers.

“Create engaging content, or else your ads won’t be seen,” said Joe Hyland, chief marketing officer of webinar platform ON24. “Facebook realizes that with video, engagement is more valuable than just clicks. I think it’s a shrewd move by Facebook to ensure only the most engaging content makes its way onto the platform.”

“With 360 or Facebook Live, people are launching new products,” Schachtel added. “[Car company] Faraday Future used Facebook Live to launch their car. It’s like I was in the front row able to see Faraday Future’s beautiful new car. Same thing with NVIDIA.

“For publishers, it’s a monetization opportunity. For brands, it’s an opportunity to have an ad inside their own Facebook Live story.”


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