Facebook Launches TV-Style Ads in Facebook Live

Aiming to take on YouTube in a bigger way and help creators make money off of their videos, Facebook Inc. ( FB ) announced Thursday the addition of TV-style commercials in Facebook Live videos. In order to make money off of the ads in Facebook Live, the creator has to have 2,000 or more followers and an audience of a minimum of 300 viewers in a recent live video. YouTube already offers a way […]According to a blog post from Facebook, creators can take their first ad break after the video has been streaming live for at least four minutes. Additional ad breaks can happen after a minimum of five minutes of streaming, with each break lasting 20 seconds. Facebook had been testing the feature with a small group of video creators before making it available to all of its Live creators. Facebook didn’t say how much the creators would make other than that the broadcaster will “earn a share of the resulting ad revenue.”

Facebook: Huge Opportunity In Video

The move on the part of Facebook is its latest push to not only take on YouTube but to embrace video in a bigger way. After all, video content is becoming a huge revenue generator for internet companies and telecom companies alike. When Facebook reported it latest earnings, CEO Mark Zuckerberg called video a “mega trend” with it providing the social network giant with a lot of advertising opportunities. (See also: Twitter’s Stock Soars After Streaming Deal.)

This isn’t the only thing Facebook is doing when it comes to streaming video. Earlier this week, Reuters reported Facebook is in discussions with Major League Baseball (MLB) to livestream games on its platform. Facebook is reportedly gearing up to stream one game per week. Facebook streamed the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour and a couple of basketball games on its network last year, but lost out in the bidding war to livestream National Football League (NFL) games. Social networks benefit from livestreaming sports games in two ways. For starters, they could gain a share of the TV ad pie by livestreaming events. Also, live sports could boost engagement levels from users, something Facebook needs to do given reports last year that is engagement levels are declining.

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