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Imagine… That one amazing soundbite from a key contributor, guest or celebrity whilst at your event. What if it were possible that literally seconds after they had finished speaking on camera, the video had been already been edited, tagged, branded, and published simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram? Well, it is now! What's even better is that this rapid video acquisition and instant social video publishing can be repeated multiple times throughout your event, keeping your social platforms updated with real-time video content and keeping your audience engaged.

Utilising our live recording and rapid editing stations. we can edit any live show or camera feed into instant highlight packages, social clips or sound bites all within seconds of the action happening. Now there is no more waiting for the cameras to stop rolling and waiting for footage to transfer over. Our editors will be creating the cuts as the event is happening and publishing it to all your social channels. We can work direct with your existing AV team. or a provide a custom made solution using our single or multiple camera setups.

We guarantee to get high quality, edited social clips out before anyone else!

Camera Used for Live streaming
Instant social video publsihing

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