Nicole Kidman in Etihad Airways 360 video

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Time Out Dubai invites you to watch Nicole Kidman in $32K Etihad Airways business suite – 360 video commercial

Nicole Kidman in $32K Etihad Airways business suite – 360 video

A Hollywood star, an absorbing screenplay and the latest VR technology.

These are the foundations of Etihad Airways’ latest advertising campaign: an assault on the senses in 360 degrees.

Triple-Oscar nominee Nicole Kidman is at the heart of this intriguing movie-like ad, on board the Airbus A380 the Abu Dhabi-based airline is promoting.

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As the Australian starlet utters some enigmatic riddles sounding like they were taken straight out of a crime novel, viewers can start to gaze around the lavishly designed interiors of Etihad’s A380 in 360 degrees.

Eavesdrop on a conversation an English couple is having over a canape dinner; look to the left of The Lobby and watch as an artist uses a tablet to sketch out a portrait of a falcon perching on an Emirati man’s arm.

Ready to watch? Here is the incredible 360 degree video (Don't forget to check out all the angles!):

Another mind-blowing feature showcased on the VR video are Etihad’s business class apartments, leather-sofa booths with actual doors for an amazing degree of privacy.

If you thought these were already out of this world, wait until you see Kidman relaxing in The Residence, an actual home in the sky with a living room, bedroom and en suite bathroom in exquisite taste.

Enjoying that degree of mid-air comfort does come at a price though, and quite an astronomical one for that matter – Dhs117,540 ($32,000) for a one-way ticket.

Even though virtual reality is in full swing in 2016, with more and more 360 degree videos being published on Facebook and Twitter, this one stands out for its captivating plot, one that truly takes you on a journey through the lives and conversations of the passengers on board.

We’d go as far as saying that at times you feel like you’re watching a movie rather than a commercial.

If you want to find out how it was made, Time Out Dubai has the 'Making Of' video for you right here:

Academy Award for Etihad Airways perhaps? Okay, not quite but still a highly recommendable watch.

This is the second time Kidman stars in a commercial for the Abu Dhabi airline. The first one (below), shot and broadcast in 2015, has more than five million views on YouTube.



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